Garment Catalog

A comprehensive list of every piece I’ve ever blogged about, from my very first skirt to my tailored wool coat. Click the links below to jump to a specific section.
My Measurements: 37.5″ B x 29″ W x 39.5″ H | 6’0 tall

Knit Tops
Woven Tops
Knit Dresses
Woven Dresses
Pants and Shorts
Jumpsuits and Rompers
Accessories and Home Goods

Knit Tops

Axis Tank (September 2020)
Nikko Top (August 2019)
Toaster Sweater #2 (November 2018)
Driftless Cardigan (December 2017)
Santa Fe Top (June 2017)
Vallynne Tank (June 2017
Toaster Sweater (December 2016)
Plantain Tee #3 (April 2016)
Three Grainline Lark Tees (October 2015)
Mandy Boat Tee #3 (April 2014)
Split-hem Linden (March 2015)
Plantain Tee #2 (March 2015)
Two Mandy Boat Tees (February 2015)
Plantain Tee #1 (January 2015)
Hemlock Tee (October 2014)
Madewell-style knit Scout (August 2014)

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Woven Tops

Butterick B6324 Sleeveless Top (September 2020)
Ogden Cami (September 2020)
Pendleton Wool Archer (November 2017)
Sleeveless Butterick B6324 in tencel
(June 2017)
Chambray V-neck
(April 2017)
Willow Tank (February 2017)
Short-sleeved Archer (October 2016)
Ruby Top #2 (September 2016)
Off-the-shoulder top (July 2016)
Voile Scout (July 2016)
Willow Tank (June 2016)
Archer Button Up #3 (March 2016)
Flannel Scout (October 2015)
Archer Button Up #2 (November 2015)
Ruby top #1 (June 2015)
Archer Button Up #1 (March 2015)
Sorbetto crop top (July 2014)
Chambray Sorbetto (July 2014)
Scout Tee #1 (June 2014)

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Knit Dresses

Rio Ringer Dress (April 2020)
Nikko Dress (March 2018)
Santa Fe Dress
(June 2017)
Butterick B6207 (April 2017)
Lola Sweatshirt Dress (January 2017)
Neenah Dress (January 2017)
Gold Inari Dress (December 2016)
Vogue 8904 #3 (March 2016)
Inari Tee Dress (August 2015)
Vogue 8904 #2 (May 2015)
Vogue 8904 #1 (September 2014)

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Woven Dresses

Alder Shirtdress (July 2018)
Coram Dress (June 2018)
By Hand London Georgia Dress (August 2017)
Trina Dress
(November 2016)
Rifle Paper Co. Anna Dress (September 2016)
Hannah Dress (July 2016, pictured at top)
Cardamome Dress (June 2016)
Maxi Anna Dress (January 2016)
Laurel Dress (July 2015)
Salme shirt dress (May 2014)

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McCall’s M6654 (December 2014)
Half-circle skirt (August 2014)
Quarter-circle skirt (April 2014)

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Pants and Shorts

Burda Shorts (September 2020)
Dawn Jeans (March 2020)
Flint Pants (August 2017)
Maritime Shorts (July 2017)
Jeans (March 2017)
Simplicity 1371 shorts
(July 2016)

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Jumpsuits and Rompers

Nova jumpsuit (March 2021)
Sallie jumpsuit (November 2017)
Sallie romper (July 2015)

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Hudson Pants #3 (January 2016)
Linden Sweatshirt (January 2015)
Two pairs of Hudson Pants (September 2014)

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Tamarack Jacket (April 2018)
Clare Coat (February 2016)
Morris Blazer (August 2015)

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Accessories and Home Goods

3D Masks (September 2020)
My first quilt (September 2017)
Portside Dopp Kit (July 2014)
Quilted coasters (July 2014)

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McCall’s 6044 raccoon shirt (May 2017)
McCall’s 6044 fox shirt (October 2016)
Muscle men Negroni (July 2016)
Octopus Negroni (July 2015)
Strathcona T-shirt (December 2014)

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Captain Hook and Cap’n Crunch (2018)
Rainbow Fish (2017)
Marge Simpson (2016)
Cruella de Vil (2015)
Willy Wonka coats (2014)

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3 thoughts on “Garment Catalog

  1. Hello, I would like to find the pattern for the homepage shirt or dress. The picture only shows a black sleeveless top part with a colorfully round collar with same extended color work to chest area. On home page. Could you send me the patter link. Thank you so much. Sonya


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