Embracing Festival Style

I never thought I’d date a male model.

New York Times

To be fair, Marc didn’t know where this photo would end up when a random dude snapped it at Pitchfork Music Festival. That the dude turned out to be a freelancer for The New York Times was a hilarious and pleasant surprise. Not sure how I’m going to top the Muscle Men Negroni shirt now. 😊


I went out on a limb for my own Pitchfork outfit with this two-piece number. I’m calling this my “Slave to Almost-Tired Trends” look. Off-the-shoulder? Check. High-waisted shorts? Done. The shorts are Cynthia Rowley 1371 for Simplicity and the top is self-drafted based on a tutorial from Elisalex of By Hand London.


I sewed a size 14 for the shorts—no modifications. The waistband gaped a bit in the back, so I pinched out some fabric and sewed a dart to make up the difference. It’s a quick and dirty fix, but it works!

Surprisingly, these fit pretty well through the crotch even without lowering the curve, which is something I figured I’d need to do to accommodate my long torso. It might just be that these shorts run big? The fabric is a cotton twill that I initially intended to use for a shirtdress, but it’s got almost no drape. (“Medium weight” Denver Fabrics? Really?!) Still, it worked out well for these structured shorts.


As for the top, I’d highly recommend trying Elisalex’s tutorial if you’re in the market for a quick off-the-shoulder top. You draft it based on your full bust and high bust measurements, and it comes together incredibly fast when you use a serger and a sewing machine. This fabric is $2/yd. muslin with some “decorative” black serger trim. I was too lazy to rethread my serger and then really liked the look. No hemming necessary.


Photo: Chris Little


I was kind of nervous wearing an outfit like this out of the house. The great thing about going out of your comfort zone at a music festival is that there’s bound to be someone wearing a fishnet tank and pasties. Or someone in a full dog costume despite the 90-degree heat. Probably both.

Cheers to wearing what makes you feel good!

8 thoughts on “Embracing Festival Style

  1. Gurl, never be embarrassed about what you’re wearing on dat ass. You couldn’t look bad if you tried. You two are just the best. If you decide to make a lifestyle change and move into textile/product design I know a company that’s hiring 😉


    • Dawww, you’re too sweet lady. Also working at REI Sounds fucking awesome. Also we’re planning a trip to the Pacific NW for next spring. I’ll keep you posted 😀.


  2. You are both so cute and so cute together! I loooove festivals. I just play dress up all day, like change my outfit five times each day. I like to make wacky wearable muslins of patterns I want to try, and then even if they’re goofy I can party in them at festivals.


    • Also, if you’re coming to the PNW next summer, there are some great fests out here. I’m going to Doe Bay Fest and to Summer Meltdown. There’s also the String Summit, Beloved, Photosynthesis, and, oh gosh, so many more.


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