Victory Patterns Hannah Dress in Linen

I’ve been getting lucky with sleeveless dress patterns. First Cardamome, and now the lovely Hannah Dress from Victory Patterns. It took all of my will power not to buy this pattern the day it was released. It was game over when Kristiann from Victory announced a 20% off sale.


Is it hyperbolic to say that this dress is magical? I don’t care. The dress has so many different parts that come together seamlessly—I’m pretty sure Kristiann used some kind of witchcraft or wizardry to pull it all together. Per the description, Hannah “features angled side seams and front pockets, which transition cleverly into folding side-panels that wrap around to the back and criss-cross over each other.” Um, yeah.


I was afraid it’d be a little too clever, a little too advanced, for my skill set. Luckily, the directions are detailed and specific, and it came together more easily than a button-up shirt. No joke.


Even the hidden button placket didn’t take too much head scratching. It would have been even easier if I’d marked everything properly before I began sewing. If you make this dress, I have one important piece of advice: Take the time to mark every single notch, dart, fold line, sew line, and match point during the cutting process. I didn’t use a visible enough mark on the wild contrast print, and it was a pain when it came time to sew and press.


The Deets

  • Pattern: Hannah Dress, Victory Patterns
  • Size: 8 (my measurements: 36-29-39, 6′ tall)
  • Alterations: Added 2″ of length at lengthen/shorten line
  • Fabric: linen-nylon blend for main fabric, linen-rayon blend for contrast (both from JoAnn)
  • Fit: Very fitted across the bust and shoulders. I have a broad back, and this fits like a glove. I might consider giving myself a tiny bit more room through the upper back when I make this again.
  • Issues: The top layer of the placket doesn’t lie perfectly flat. This very well could be through a fault of my own. I’ll probably sew a small snap in between the layers to keep it flatter when worn.

And now for my favorite aspect of this dress…


Contrast hem facing! WHEEEEEE! It really is the small things that bring a smile to my face. Do you personalize the garments you sew?

17 thoughts on “Victory Patterns Hannah Dress in Linen

  1. Love this pattern & your fabric combo! Didn’t see black linen/rayon on Joanns website but I did see black linen/rayon. Could this have been what you used? Also, did you have a problem with the many layers of linen when sewing the back neck & armholes?


    • Thank you! I found the exact Aztec print, a linen rayon blend, on JoAnn’s website (I’ll update the post with a link shortly), but I don’t see the black linen/nylon blend. I bought both in store, so maybe they had different stock? As for the layers at the back and neck, everything came together surprisingly easily. I made sure to trim the seam allowance per the instructions. I found it was easier to hand sew the neck binding to the inside rather than stitch on the ditch. I’d recommend that!


  2. Just lovely! I have this pattern taped together for a while now, but was slightly intimidated. Your version inspires me to get going on it!


    • It’s really not difficult once you get going with it! It’s pretty fun to see how it all comes together—it’s really unlike anything else I’ve ever sewn or bought. Can’t wait to see your version!


  3. Loving your dress, I hadn’t really considered it before seeing this but now I love it, the contrast works wonderfully and looks great, the extra details look fun to sew too.


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