Polka Dots and Muscle Men – Grainline Scout Tee and Colette Negroni

This outfit isn’t even secret pajamas. I’m aware that it legitimately looks like I’m wearing real PJs out in public—and I’m fine with that.



I bought these shorts a few years ago on a trip to Nashville, and I’m going to have to copy them at some point. Elastic back waist, pockets, noticeable lack of camel toe—they’re real winners. But I’m here to talk about my Minnie Mouse-esque top.

I picked this borderline-sheer, supersoft cotton voile up from the Needle Shop (which finally re-opened as Oak Fabrics, YES!). Initially, I wanted to make a sleeveless button up, but my lack of restraint won out. Sometimes you’ve just gotta cut and sew something RIGHT NOW.


When that feeling strikes, it’s safest for me to sew something I can’t screw up too much. Enter Grainline’s Scout Tee. This lightweight fabric was a solid match for the loose-fitting shape. I lengthened the sleeves, curved the hem up a bit at the sides, and added some length to the body. Otherwise, this was a straightforward Scout.


And now let’s talk about the shirt emblazoned with the likenesses of many a bronzed muscle man and women—and Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Seriously, Arnold.

Can you spot him?

Instagram tells me that I made this Negroni shirt for Marc more than 12 weeks ago. *Gently reminds self to blog more often.* This ridiculous (amazing?) rayon challis is from Denver Fabrics; sadly, it’s sold out. I know how much you’re all itching to get your hands on $5.95/yd. fabric covered in text that says “Good Ol’ Days” and “Bodybuilding Hall of Fame,” so I’ll post an update if it comes back in stock.


I sewed the first Negroni per the directions, with a facing instead of a button band. This time around, I added a button band. Many thanks are due to the sew along from Male Pattern Boldness—the instructions were immensely helpful when it came to drafting the extra pieces.

IMG_0475And that’s about all I remember about construction. That’s what happens when you wait three months to write about a garment. Lesson learned!

Do you dress your S.O. in insane clothing, too?

4 thoughts on “Polka Dots and Muscle Men – Grainline Scout Tee and Colette Negroni

  1. Very cute and not a bit like Minnie Mouse! Thanks for the info about the Needle Shop reopening. My daughter lived quite near there and was upset when they closed. She’s moved a bit farther away but still will be glad to know they’re back in business as a brick and mortar shop.


  2. Super top, you can’t beat the Scout. The colour is lush and looks great with your shorts. The shirt is super cool too.


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