maritime shorts closeup back

Maritime Shorts in Canvas

When Rachel from Oak Fabrics asked me to take part in a photo shoot for an upcoming project, I figured “Why the hell not?” I’ve loved her shop for years now. I even took a pillow sewing class there (then called the Needle Shop) when I was a wee sewing noob.

The shop (now online only!) was a beautiful, well-curated oasis in Chicago, which is unfortunately somewhat of an indie sewing store desert. Obviously, I wanted in on whatever Rachel was up to!

When I found out the project was a collaboration between Oak Fabrics, Grainline Studio, and Leah Duncan, I knew it was kismet. If you haven’t heard yet, Oak Fabrics is offering limited edition kits that pair Leah Duncan fabric with Grainline Studio patterns. Above, I’m wearing the Maritime Shorts with indigo Lines & Shapes canvas. And you wanna know how creative I am? Huh…. huh…. HUH?!

maritime shorts closeup

I made the same shorts from the photoshoot… for myself!

But these are for keeps. That’s the catch with a photo shoot. You fall in love with the sample clothes, but alas, you are Cinderella and you turn into a pumpkin when the day is through. A sweaty, hungry, envious pumpkin. So here are my copycat shorts in all their glory.

maritime shorts front close

maritime shorts closeup back
Bias-cut back pockets to switch it up

This is the first fabric/pattern/notions kit I’ve bought, and I am now in love with the concept. (I should note that this post is in no way sponsored by Oak Fabrics. I’d imagine Rachel wouldn’t have wanted me to reproduce the sample shorts to try and sell more kits… haha. I’m just a fan!) Anywho, the kits include:

  • Maritime Shorts printed pattern
  • Canvas for the self fabric in your choice of print (so many good ones!)
  • Neutral cotton for the pocket bags
  • Fusible interfacing
  • 7″ zipper
  • Jeans button
  • Coordinating thread

maritime guts

maritime guts open

maritime shorts button

The Militaries Equipments button is my favorite part. I had something of a meltdown when I tried multiple times to attach a jeans button to my me-made jeans. I should have known better than to buy cheapy-looking buttons from JoAnn, but I was desperate. Unfortunately, those button backs bent miserably each time I tried to hammer a top on.

Not the case with this one! I was terrified since the kit comes with only one button, but it went on like a dream. I think the shorts look way more polished than they would with a standard button.

maritime shorts full angle

Let’s talk construction! The sample that Rachel made was a size 6. They were prettay, prettay snug in the crotch and hip area, so I went with a size 8 for my “real” pair. They are very comfortable, but I could probably stand to add a little bit of length to the rise. I might add belt loops in the future, just because I’ve gotten in the habit of wearing my lucky leather belt with everything.

In addition to the pattern directions, I followed along with Grainline’s comprehensive Maritime tutorial. I highly suggest following along with the blog photos if you’re new to sewing a fly front.

maritime shorts back

Will I sew these again? Most likely. These shorts are not the most practical garment for me, who works in an office and would prefer not to push the boundaries get fired, but they’re ideal for a hot summer day in Chicago.

geometry leah duncan

Plus, how cute would they be in this chalk pink Leah Duncan canvas?! One of these days…

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