butterick b6324

Sleeveless Button Up in Tencel

If Me Made May reminds me of anything, it’s that I should sew more everyday items: versatile shirts, blouses, pants, and skirts. Naturally, I did exactly the opposite for my latest make.

butterick b6324 shirt 11

I love it, but I can think of one—and only one—way to wear it: with my black skinny jeans. I tried it with shorts, and I looked totally pants-less from the back. I tried it tucked into a skirt, and it looked frumpy because it’s so loose fitting. If you have any suggestions on how to style this sucker, please, please let me know!

This is Butterick B6324, a variation of view C without the overlay. I sewed pattern size 14, based on my 36-28-38 measurements, and added my usual 1 inch of length. I curved the front hem and added a side slit.

butterick b6324

butterick b6324 shirt 3

butterick b6324 shirt 2

Let me tell you, hemming that deep curve was a pain. I sewed long basting stitches at 1/4″ to help ease in the fabric, but this tencel frayed like a biatch. It’s amazingly soft and floaty, but it made for quite a frustrating hemming session.

butterick b6324

butterick b6324 shirt 5As you can see, the back is super long—pretty much tunic length. I think this is where it’s supposed to hit, but I probably could have done without adding the extra inch.

butterick b6324 collarRecognize this button band and collar fabric? It’s my favorite Leah Duncan/Cloud9 voile, which I also used for a Willow Tank and as the lining for my jeans. I had just enough leftover fabric to squeeze out the accents of this shirt, and I’m really likin’ the pop of pattern against the blue.

butterick b6324

butterick b6324

If you’re looking for a button up with a boxier silhouette, I’d say give his pattern a try. It’s a solid starting point with a lot of room to customize, if that’s your thing.

Now to search for some styling inspiration!

4 thoughts on “Sleeveless Button Up in Tencel

  1. Gorgeous top! I would try it with a black or white jeans style skirt that finishes just above the knee. I agree whatever bottom you pair it with needs to be fitted and black/navy/white/ other neutral to balance the loose fit and bright colour in the top. I Love your accent fabric too!


  2. Great colour on you! I keep hearing about this tencel stuff–really must try it sometime…

    As for styling it: I think you’re right to go with black, so maybe experiment with some different black bottoms? I’m thinking a long pencil or maxi skirt (provided it was a slim fit as you definitely don’t want too much volume). Possibly culottes if they were a slim fit over the hips…


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