butterick b6207 knit dress

Quick and Dirty Knit Dress

Like the first sip of a tiki drink. Like jumping into Lake Michigan on a hot day. Like peeling off a wet sports bra.

Butterick B6207

Sooooo satisfying. That’s what it felt like making this super-easy dress after my last project: copying a pair of Levi’s. Butterick B6207 was exactly the palate cleanser I needed to get excited about sewing again. In total, supplies for the dress cost less than $10: under $2 for the pattern and about $7 for 2 yards of poly-spandex fabric. The JoAnn sales gods were smiling down on me that day.

butterick b6207 knit dress

butterick b6207 knit dress

butterick b6207 split hem

The pattern is labeled Fast & Easy—totally true, especially if you use a serger for the seams. I used a twin needle to hem the body and sleeves. The most interesting design lines are the split hem and the two-piece sleeve. My busy fabric camouflages the sleeve detail. :-/

butterick b6207 line drawings

Butterick B6207

Here’s what I’ll change (if there’s a) next time:

  • Color-block the sleeves, because what’s the point of that extra work if it’s undetectable?!
  • Double-check the neckband length. Obviously, stretch is a factor with knit neckbands, but the pattern piece is pretty long. My neckband sits fine, but I could’ve done with shaving 1/2″ off for a snugger fit.
  • Use a regular sewing machine for the side seams before finishing the edges. I serged the side seams together, and then realized that finishing the split hem requires two separate seam allowances. It was easy enough to unpick a bit of the serger seam, but I was left with a tiny seam allowance.

butterick b6207 knit dress

We took these photos in Palmisano Park, which is definitely worth a visit if you’re ever in the Bridgeport/Pilsen area in Chicago. Aside from this giant hill (by Midwest standards, gimme a break), you’ll see a quarry, wetlands, and at least five dogs at any given moment. And there will likely be a drone flying around your head that’s being piloted by a small child. It’s pretty great.


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