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Lola Sweatshirt Dress

Form-fitting one day, baggy the next. I don’t discriminate when it comes to winter dresses. The Lola Dress from Victory Patterns is quite a departure from last week’s curve-hugging Neenah Dress. A girl can only feel like sausage meat inside a casing for so long before she needs to break freeeee!


OK, that’s a little hyberbolic. Neenah’s not that tight. But this sweatshirt dress is straight-up slouchy in comparison. In this case, slouchy is great.

I made a size 8 and added 1 inch of length to the torso (per usual for me). I think this fits exactly how it’s intended, but I was expecting something tighter. Maybe that’s because most knit dresses I own/make are designed to schlurp me in at the waist a bit more. That said, I wore this all day at work and it was incredibly comfortable.

lola dress victory patternsI used a scuba knit for the body and some leftover black ribbing for the bands. The triangle detail at the neckline is the reverse of the scuba knit.

lola dress victory patterns

lola dress victory patternsSurprisingly, my favorite part of this dress is the gargantuan pockets. I love pockets on a dress, but honestly, I wasn’t sure about pockets that could literally hold a newborn baby.

lola dress victory patterns

Skepticism aside, I freaking love these pockets. It’s like having cozy mittens attached to my hips.


Pockets are also great when you take photos in the frigid cold. No pain, no gain… I guess. Here’s to yet another fantastic design from Victory Patterns!

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