A Swingy Plantain Tee and Another Use for the Magic Eraser

Before we get to the good stuff (another Deer & Doe Plantain Tee), let’s talk about a wonderful little household item: The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.MagicEraserOriginal

Are you familiar? I mainly use ’em to clean up marks on the walls, but I recently learned of another amazing use: CLEANING THE IRON.

A stubborn mystery fabric had gunked up my iron pretty badly, and in a fit of desperation, I took to the rabbit hole of internet forums for help. Bless your heart, commenter DLM2000. Not only does the Magic Eraser work like a charm, but it’s also waaaay cheaper than toxic-smelling iron cleaner that runs $20 bucks a tube. Try it out next time your iron’s due for a cleaning!


Now for the main attraction. I bought this lightweight striped knit with the intention of copying a swingy, tent-like RTW shirt I wear frequently. But tracing a knit top with wonky design lines turned out to be a little more complicated than I’d anticipated, so I decided to go with a tried-and-true shape that I know works for me: the Plantain Tee. (See versions 1 and 2.)


This time around, I added fullness to the back of the shirt using this Grainline tutorial. I then cut the back into four separate pattern pieces and added seam allowances. I sewed the whole shirt up on my serger and used a twin needle for the hems.


As you can see, I love me some stripe interplay. For the sleeves, I went with this above-the-elbow length, which is great for this “transitional” weather we’ve been having in Chicago. #optimistic


I don’t have too much else to say that I haven’t already covered in previous posts. As far as free sewing patterns go, this one’s a winner.

Are you good at sewing basics? With Me Made May coming up, I could use a boost in the basics department. Speaking of Me Made May—who’s in?! I still need to pledge…




9 thoughts on “A Swingy Plantain Tee and Another Use for the Magic Eraser

  1. Love what you’ve done with the stripes, and I hear you on the “transitional” sleeve length – it’s been a cold spring in Toronto, too! As for MMM, I was on the fence about my pledge, but I’m in – but it will involve getting rid of things, as well as making…


  2. I love how you altered the back of the Plantain – but even more I’m excited to find another Chicago sewing blogger! (Seriously, where are we?) Your Sallie romper from awhile back gives me the feels – I’m pretty sure I picked up the same jersey from TDO last summer!


    • Right?! I feel like there have got to be more of us floating around. And that gray jersey is seriously the most bang-for-your-buck fabric in the universe. I made like 3 garments from about $12 of fabric. Gotta love the Outlet 😀


      • I sometimes joke that I can’t ever give up my apartment because I live two blocks away – love having quick access to wearable muslin fabric! I got some stretch lace recently for I think $10 and I made TEN pairs of underwear. (I’ve been on a lingerie kick.)

        If you don’t already, follow their Instagram account – that’s where they usually post announcements for their $40 for $20 Groupons. (Which take forever to spend once you’re actually in the store because, you know, everything is like $3 a yard.)


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