gorton's fisherman and rainbow fish

Happy Halloween from Rainbow Fish!

rainbow fish

Who here was obsessed with the book Rainbow Fish growing up? I absolutely loved it. What little kid doesn’t like adorable sea creatures and pretty shiny things? I believe the moral of the story is that it’s good to share with your friends…? Sure, why not. What really stuck with me? The image of that goofy little fish and his beautiful silver scales.

I struggled this year coming up with Halloween costume ideas. Then I remembered how much Marc looks like the Gorton’s Fisherman. I thought maybe I’d go as a fish stick, but then realized I could easily be mistaken for a Twinkie or a mozzarella stick or a worm.

So Gorton turned vegetarian for the night and took Rainbow Fish as his date to the party.

gorton and fish
Why so stoic, Gorton?
housewife and rainbow fish
“Beverly Hills woman with fish lips” meets an actual fish
rainbow fish makeup
My attempt at mermaid eyes. (And good lord I need to wax my mustache.)
my fin
Head fin!
rainbow fish costume front
Scales for days.
rainbow fish back
An iridescent tail fin.

rainbow fish costume 1

Aside from being shocked that more than half the people at the Halloween party had never heard of Rainbow Fish (YEAH I KNOW… CRAZY), I think the costume was a success!

In case you’re wondering, here’s my supply list:

  • Colette Laurel pattern (from my stash), modified to include bell sleeves using this tutorial
  • Blue ponte knit for the base of the dress and the hat, which I made using this tutorial
  • Cotton batting and satin-backed lining for the eyes
  • Silky, stretchy poly blend for the arms and bottom ruffle
  • Flannel and sequin-covered mesh for the scales and head fin
  • Iridescent chiffon (I think?) for the sleeve accents and tail fin

I won’t bore you with construction details, but I will say that absolutely no glue was involved in the making of this fish. If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Now excuse me while I eat approximately 15 Reese’s pumpkins. 🎃 Happy Halloween!

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