Sew Quilted Coasters with Leftover Fabric

Sorry for the dinky length of this post—I’m headed to Minneapolis this evening to be reunited with a dear college friend and his cat Barbie (whom I am not plotting to steal), but I didn’t want to neglect the blog for a full week. So, coasters!

sew quilted coasters

I made these quilted coasters months ago following a simple Martha Stewart tutorial, and I use them nearly every day. Whether you make 1 or 20, they’re a great way to use up leftovers from your Island of Misfit Fabric Remnants.

sew quilted coasters

The best part about these coasters is that you can throw them in the wash when you inevitably spill coffee or red wine on them.

Obviously I had to make some gratuitous comically undersized coasters:

comically undersized quilted coasters

comically undersized coasters
coasters for all of your drinking needs!

If you have any clever ways to utilize leftover fabric, post in the comments below. Happy sewing!

3 thoughts on “Sew Quilted Coasters with Leftover Fabric

  1. You can use thicker coasters as trivets on a nice wood or glass table top, protecting it from very hot dishes or pots of food.


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