A Very Good Trip

Sometimes the best plans—no matter how far-fetched—are best hatched over a few beers, with a few good friends.

“You guys want to go to Canterbury, London, and Paris this winter?”“HELL YEAH, we do!”

When Marc and I verbally agreed with our friends Jon and Bianca to book a 10+ day UK–France excursion over Christmas and the New Year, I was hopeful but not confident it would happen. You just never know! Planning a trip abroad can be a doozy on your own, let alone with four people. But sometimes the stars align, and you have to take the plunge.

And then we blinked and all our travel arrangements were made. And no phones were thought desperately missing for 10 minutes when we arrived in Paris, no bullet trains nearly left the station without us, and no airbnb toilets ran for seemingly hours at a time.

I kid, I kid. Minor hiccups aside, the trip that produced the gratuitous photos you’re about to see was one of the best of my life. Any trip that includes an engagement along the Seine on NYE clearly earns a lot of brownie points, but even beyond that, it was amazing exploring the English seaside, Canterbury Cathedral, museums in London, and all of the meat, cheese, cappuccino, and champagne that Paris had to offer. Voilà!


outside canterbury
Canterbury Cathedral
the Cathedral at night
entrance to canterbury cathedral
Cathedral entrance
inside canterbury cathedral
Inside the Cathedral 😍, after listening to the most angelic boys’ choir in the world
canterbury cathedral courtyards
Cathedral courtyard
christmas sherry
Our gracious host, Rick, pouring the Christmas sherry
group xmas pic
Our attempt at a group Christmas photo in our airbnb.
bar billiards
Marc and Jon’s favorite new game: bar billiards at the Unicorn Inn


Best seats in the house! Top of a double-decker bus headed from Canterbury to Whitstable.
Headed to the coast!
whitstable 2
The rocky Whitstable seaside
whitstable r j
Our tour guides, Rick and Julie.
Can you spot Bianca and me? We’re about to buy the biggest, gnarliest oysters ever. We ate them. We did not enjoy them.


Westminster Abbey at night
london eye
Tourist shot in front of the London Eye
walking in london
Probably looking for a pub
olde cheshire
Found a pub!
With this inside lol NO
inside tate
inside Tate Modern
st. pauls from tate
View of St. Paul’s Cathedral from Tate Modern
textile tate
Tapestry by Eduardo Paolozzi, one of my favorite pieces at Tate Modern
london park
On a very cold walk to Buckingham Palace
It was fine.
outside harrods
Then we went to Harrod’s, which was completely batshit. So many people, so many expensive brands, so many fine chocolates, and these awesome windows outside. (My face does not reflect my level of enjoyment looking at those Jimmy Choos.)
Found our way to the secluded, “haunted” Grenadier pub
british museum
Great Court at the British Museum
parthenon sculptures
A remnant of the Parthenon sculptures
Who knew the brits took their darts so seriously?! Last night in London, watching the World Darts Championship with a bunch of very rowdy, dedicated fans.


outside notre dame
Notre Dame, which completely took my breath away
airbnb paris
Our cute lil airbnb in the Marais
louvre at night
The Louvre at night
“Is this happening right now?”
I think I was blacked out from happiness at this point
I said yes.
engagement toast
Cheers! Thanks for the champers Jon and B!
Toast at Café Marly
Yup, it’s still there.
Paris on NYE
j and b eiffel
Great night, great friends
eiffel on nye
Proof of my sparkly gold eyeliner
Sacre Coeur
Very tired. Very excited for crepes.

One of the coolest things Bianca and I did in Paris was an airbnb thrift shopping experience with a local. Unfortunately I have no photos of that, but I highly suggest checking it out if you travel to Paris! I came away with a bunch of great items (silk slip dress, linen shift, satin duster coat, etc.) for about 40€.

It’s safe to say I’ll never forget this trip, and I’m very glad to have a reason to go back to Paris. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!

4 thoughts on “A Very Good Trip

  1. It sounds like a wonderful trip! Harrod’s is my go-to recommendation for London. “Sure, sure, go to the V&A. And when you’re done YOU’RE AROUND THE CORNER FROM HARROD’S.” It’s a temple. It’s Narnia with snacks. It’s my flipping favorite.

    Congrats also on the engagement – you two look very happy!


    • Thank you!! And whew Harrod’s was overwhelming, but I’m so glad we went! What a spectacle. We got some champagne truffles and I’m still kicking myself for not buying a box!


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