Flint Pants, Meet the Flint Pants!

I could not get the Flintstones theme song out of my head when sewing these pants. I’m sorry if this song gets stuck in your head, too, because we all know earworms spread like the common cold. I could talk earworms all day—good ones (thanks Queen), bad ones (eff you Styx)—but we’re here to talk pants.

Specifically about these high-waisted, wide-leg, cropped Flint Pants by Megan Nielsen Patterns.

megan nielsen flint pants sewing pattern
Flint Pants
The sewing world seemed to release a collective gasp when Megan Nielsen released this pattern. Or maybe that’s just me projecting…? Nevertheless, I was intrigued by the trendy wide leg and the interesting crossover closure at the side seam. Pants with no front fly and no zipper and no nonsense—whaaa??!! I had to try ’em, so I used some of my precious Indiesew gift card to buy a paper pattern.

A Very Necessary Muslin

My long torso means that pants (specifically, crotches) rarely fit me out of the gate, so I made a shorts-length muslin. My measurements put me between a size S and M, closer to a size S, so that’s what I went with. Unsurprisingly, the crotch seam was too short.

The waist was also pretty snug. According to the pattern envelope, the waist measurement is the same for the body and the finished garment. Make sure to take that into consideration when choosing your size.


megan nielsen flint pants

Alterations for the Real Deal

  • Added 3/4″ of length at the high hip to accommodate for a long torso.
  • Added 1/2″ of length at the shorts cutoff line to accommodate for height. (Thanks for the tall-friendly review, Feather’s Flights!)
  • Sewed the seams at a 1/2″ (instead of 5/8″) seam allowance to better fit my waist. I cut a slightly longer waistband piece to accommodate for the additional waist circumference.

megan nielsen flint pants

The Verdict

When I worked at Groupon, I’d sometimes have to write copy for palazzo pants like these. I vowed never to succumb to pants that swallow the bottom half of my body, no matter how comfortable.

megan nielsen flint pants

And look where we are now. I’m still not sold on knit palazzo pants, but I am pretty obsessed with my Flints! These are some of the comfiest pants I’ve ever worn, let alone made. I used a linen-rayon blend from JoAnn, and it is the perfect weight and drape.

megan nielsen flint pants

I went with the button closure, sewing buttons inside the waistband for a clean, minimalist look. I could have gone a little snugger with the waistband, but I’m glad to have a little breathing room. (Especially after eight pieces of pizza from my new favorite spot in Chicago, Spacca Napoli.)

megan nielsen flint pants back

The fit on the butt is pretty spot on for me. The additional 3/4″ of length at the high hip means longer darts, which worked out perfectly. I should note that I have a pretty average-size backside, so you may need some alterations if you have a big ol’ booty.

megan nielsen flint pants

I’ve worn these all night on two occasions now, and they felt like pajamas through hours of walking around, sitting, and eating.

megan nielsen pants and beatrix skater top

Here’s how I styled them the first time around, with a hacked (unblogged) version of the Named Beatrix Skater Dress. As you can see, I like my little black espadrilles! The top is a little gapey at the armholes, but that’s probably from rushing through sewing a rib knit because I “needed” a mock turtleneck crop top. Either way, I’m happy with the outfit!

megan nielsen flint pants

My linen Flints feel pretty summery to me, but I’m excited to try and style them for early fall. Outfit thoughts? Inspiration and suggestions are very welcome!


7 thoughts on “Flint Pants, Meet the Flint Pants!

  1. Very nice! I’m really digging this pattern, although I haven’t taken the plunge yet. As for styling – turtleneck and boots? I’m picturing a sweet 70’s vibe. Or tights and brogues. Hmm, I might be convincing myself! Thanks for sharing your pattern alterations, too.


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