Cocktail Recipe Review: Easiest Eggnog Ever

easy eggnog recipe from Shake

A couple of our friends gifted Marc and me a coffee table cocktail book as an apartment-warming present, and it’s pretty awesome. Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails is visually stunning: the photography’s beautiful, the layout is spot on (no surprise seeing that the authors are designers), and it’s got that type of soft, waxy cover that you just want to rub your face against. Please tell me that someone else in the world does this.

Shake cocktail book

The cocktail recipes don’t look too shabby, either. Most of them are relatively simple, using four or five ingredients, albeit occasionally rare ingredients like pink peppercorns or caper berries. The recipes are organized by season, so I flipped to the winter section and immediately found a stunner: The ‘Nog.

easy eggnog recipe

As a kid, I loved store-bought eggnog. Dean’s Ready to Serve Eggnog chug, to be exact. I wanted to love “adult” eggnog just as much, but the few times I’ve had it it’s been runny and not quite cold enough. This winter, I halfheartedly began searching for a decent-sounding spiked eggnog recipe, but I saw the words “stand mixer” a couple times and quickly gave up. Enter The ‘Nog. Instead of making your own custard, the recipe uses—wait for it—vanilla ice cream as the main event, shaken up with bourbon, dark rum, cinnamon, and nutmeg. The authors posted the full recipe on their blog last year—check it out here!

easy eggnog recipe with ice creamkraken rum and four roses bourbon in eggnogeasy eggnog from Shake

It helps if the ice cream is a bit softened before vigorously shaking it all up in a cocktail strainer. The recipe doesn’t yield a large amount—the book suggests using a coupe glass if that tells you anything, but it’s the perfect size for an after-dinner treat. Bottoms up, and go get a copy of Shake! (If only to rub your face on the smooth, smooth cover. But also for the dranks.)

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